Friday, March 14, 2008

OMG time flies!

Well today is FRIDAY!!! The Pajama Party I got invited to is TOMORROW! Honestly, I dint realize until my friend Hau Yon SMS-ed me saying we need to discuss about tomorrow.


I went all blur... like "Huh? tomorrow? whats gonna happen?" then I only realize that we are going to the Pajama Party in Borneo Baruk Club, Kuala Lumpur.


Well I was in tuition when he sms-ed me. After I got home, I went all raiding my wardrobe thinking what should I wear tomorrow.

So yeah, this is what am I gonna wear to the party tomorrow!


My short blue sleeping pants.


My plain white T-shirt (front view)


(back view)

Then lastly of course! My sleeping shoe <33


CUTE AIN'T????? :D

See ya there at the Pajama Party!


cindy said...

you have the cutest slippers!

yinhao said...

lol thx xD

DemolitionLoversPrincess said...

the slipper so cute!! i want,can ar???

Yin Hao said...

LOL, sorry no =P its too cute to give out