Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My trip to Australia! [DAY 1]

I was supposed to blog about this trip earlier, but I closed my blog. So since I started blogging again, I'll blog about it. =)

My family and I took the Air Asia airlines to Gold Coast first which took us around 8 hours.

After we reached the airport, we had to take the bus to the hotel.

But the driver was MIA ( missing in action ) so we had to wait.

After some time, the driver came back and brought us to our hotel, Courtyard.

I was so tired after the 8 hours flight, I almost slept on the bench while waiting for the driver, I slept in the bus, I slept while waiting for my mother to get the room keys. I couldn't help myself but to lie on the bed straight away after my mother unlock the doors to the room.


After my sweet time sleeping we decided to go out find ourselves some lunch and have a walk around the area.

Well we found Red Rooster... we don't have much choice so we just ordered something light.

I know it doesn't look delicious at all! But I'm hungry okay!
After the so-not-yummy light lunch, we walked around the area. This is like the only times where i can see so many Ang Mo's everywhere.

They made me feel very short and black. If I'd be standing in that crowed there, I'll be the easiest one to spot.

After all the exploring, its finally dinner time. We dint know what to eat so we just jump into one of the restaurant called La Rustica...

We waited quite long for the food, and I'm still sleepy after my nap during that afternoon.

I wanna sleeeeeeep T__T

Well after like 30 mins? the food is finally served.

Hawaiian Chicken pan pizza.


This was like the cheesiest dinner ever. -_-
We went back to the hotel after the extreme cheesy dinner to prepare for tomorrows plan.

This is what we did in Day 1. Day 2 coming up next =D


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