Sunday, March 2, 2008

I sleep better with Chipsters!( I'm doing this for the Pajama Party!)

I'm a guy who usually can't fall asleep in like 2 to 3 hours. I tried all kind of ways such as,

Drinking milk,

Counting Sheeps, and so on...

I thought nothing will help to put me in sleep, BUT suddenly I remember how gorillas and mothers in the olden days put their babies to sleep! They used CHIPSTER!

So, I thought of getting myself few packs of Chipsters too to put me in sleep. Guess what! It really works!! Now I don't even need a bed or a comfortable place to sleep!

Anywhere is comfortable with Chipsters now! *snores*


pamsong said...

HAHA. The look on your face in the last picture is classic lah. Classic.

yinhao said...

lol. xD Well my friend hauyon gave me that idea xD

Hau Yon said...

woohoo! yup yup..hi pamsong! good to see you here :D and well will be good to see you there too!

pamsong said...

Haha. Yes yes. I'm here. See ya there!