Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cant people just type normally?

I have no idea why people like to type testimonials and other stuff like this...

yA kNoW, rEaDiNg ThInGs LiKe ThIs Is SeRiOuSlY tOrTuRe! My EyE hUrTs So MuCh... CaNt YoU jUsT sPaRe My EyE? i BeT tHoSe WhO aRe ReAdInG tHiS, tHeIr EyE hUrTs As BaD aS mInE.

thats one of it.. theres still another one.

yO0s, w4zzup guyx. I dunnox whyz th3y lik3z to0 writ3z lik3 th3se as0. Itz s0 fwiggin h4rd t0 writez. plux th3 pr0nounsaxion is juxt s0w wi3rdx. whys youx aw3 thinkx itz s0w cut3xz.

some people say they find it cute. Honestly I find it a little cute too but, It seriously hurts my eye very badly trying to read it. Just type normally lah. D:


tv antenna said...

Hilarious. You know what I just came across on YouTube right now? This:
~ On YouTube, Re: David Archuleta singing "A Thousand Miles"

0h w0w!! dude i dnt want t0 be rude kuz im a gurl nd i think he iss super cute! but he seems lyk he might be gay...
IM S0RRY f0r all da ppl wh0 l0ve hym but ferrealz! iiyt seems lyk he might be gay..da way he dresses ,talks.poses f0r pics, nd a cute guys lyk hym wh0 is l0ved by gurls d0snt hav a gf?? CM0N!! dats jus t0...ughh!! nd lukk at da s0ng he ch00se t0 sing! haha!! s0rry f0r wh0 ever gets mad! I STILL L0VE HYM TH0E L0L

I always come across the writing "style" you posted, but THIS is something else!

tv antenna said...

Sorry, for some reason, some of the zeroes converted into O's, so it doesn't look as bad as it does on YouTube. Still annoying nonetheless!