Saturday, March 22, 2008

I never knew I'd get so irritated by this.

I'm feeling very tulan right now.


I have to go over to my cousins place just to BLOG! like god dammit! Stupid lightning strike my router and my network card!


It happened on Thrusday afternoon, my father was checking his stuff on my computer then *BOOM*

I see sparks behind my computer and my internet got disconnected immediately. Then I went to buy a new network card on Friday but IT WONT FREAKING WORK! So now whole computer send to the shop for checkout.


You know, dam sad lah. Buy network card already still cannot work! I never knew I'd get so irritated by this. I feel like crying that time... like how could this happen to me.

When girls get angry or irritated they just grab some chocolates and forget everything. But we guys are different! We cant just eat chocolates and forget everything, it just doesn't seems to work on guys.

I think I should also find a way to release tulan-ness from now on.

What about you guys?

1 comment:

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